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Corporate Mailing Services

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Author: admin
• Friday, February 01st, 2013

In every business, making profits is the main goal and saving some money is an added advantage. What if you can get high quality services at cheap rates? If you live in Toronto and own a business, you should spend more time managing your business while corporate mailing handles all your printing and mailing services. Direct mail and printing have been ranked among the most cost effective advertising methods in any business. When it comes to printing, nobody does it better in Toronto than corporate mailing. Experience is a requirement in any field in order to prosper, corporate mailing has over 15 years experience in Toronto.

15 Years means that most of the staff has known various problems that are likely to come up during printing or handling mail, therefore very careful with a client’s request.  They say cheap is expensive, but I believe with the right technology and policies in place, corporate mailing has been able to offer cheap services and deliver high quality within a short period of time. Some services that corporate mailing is proud to provide include the following.

If you are a business owner and need bulky mail to be sent in the USA, then you should sit back and call corporate mailing to handle that. In fact, the project is effectively executed within a short time by the skilled team at corporate mailing. Pressure sensitive labeling is another service provided for clients with large volumes of mail. If you need automated clip sealing, you can get the best service at corporate mailing. Kit assembly and packaging is another service that clients request regularly. Inkjet imprinting is another service provided at corporate mailing using the latest inkjet technology.

Toronto mail is something that corporate mailing company has specialized in. Having worked for over 15 years with consistent clients, this shows that clients trust the services provided by corporate mailing. Some of the areas where clients point out as excellent include, speedy and efficient services, cheap and high quality services as well as good customer care. There are many specials offered to clients who approach corporate mailing. When sending bulk mail, you get a chance to enjoy discounts and still have your mails delivered quickly.

Some services can be offered in one package so that the price is reduced. For example if you have printing and mailing services such as direct mail, you are in a better position to get a discount than a person who is paying for only one service.  The majority of the clients that visit corporate mailing are repeat clients. This is one sign that he clients are satisfied and would like to get more services. The staff at corporate mailing is highly skilled and serves each client with integrity. What’s more, clients are served according to their personal needs. Each client is given personal attention so that his needs are met. If you own a business and would like any services such as direct mail, printing or letter services in Toronto and its neighbors, please don’t hesitate to contact corporate mailing.


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Author: admin
• Wednesday, October 31st, 2012


Computerization and automation of most tasks done within companies has been adopted in all markets. This has seen the reduction in paper use which is considered economical in terms of saving on cost. There is some information that still has to be relayed through mails. This implies that it may be possible to reduce the number of physical mails but they cannot be done away with completely.

Traditional letter writing has been overtaken by the more preferred method of electronic mail commonly referred to as email. This has subsequently reduced the number of physical mails received and sent by individuals and companies. One reason that still requires a firm to use direct mailing of letters is when the correspondence consists of details or information that cannot be translated into a soft copy usable in a computer.

Items such as cards and parcels are just but a few of the items that have to be mailed in order for them to reach the desired destination. This is usually a simple process especially if it comes from a single person. The number of clients that an organization has determines whether they should outsource mailing service or not. A huge number of clients may require more efforts in mailing which without the right equipment can be time consuming.

Letting the professionals handle the picking and delivery of mails gives a company the assurance that the clients will receive them on time and in the right condition.

These organizations deal with the delivery and picking of mails on behalf of their clients. With the instructions from the client and provision of all the necessary details the service provider ensures that the mails reach the intended people. Some firms perform personal deliveries in the respective areas. This though is only possible for those residing in the areas near the mailing firm. It is also applicable for firms which have several braches in various towns, cities, states or even countries.

In sourcing these services a firm seeks to address the time period that is normally taken before the mail reaches the targeted person. If not taken care of the delay in delivery can affect the slowing down of a procedure that may be dependent on the correspondence.

For the firms with clients stretching all over the world they rely entirely on the services offered by the postal offices in the respective countries. They are the custodians of the physical address boxes which are available as rentals. They receive the mail on behalf of their clients and place it in their personal boxes which are accessible by the owner. In replying the sender again has to use their services in order to mail the correspondence to the intended respondent.

It is important for a person to give accurate details regarding the mailing address since this is the only way that the delivery can be made correctly. Incase of any changes it is advisable to give prior notice to ensure that no Toronto mail or any other going to another destination does not fail to reach its rightful owner.


Author: admin
• Monday, September 26th, 2011

Print, Mail, Exhale

Among one of the most important things that a business is known for is communication. This can be the difference between a success or failure in the life of an establishment.

Communication between a business and it clients is literally the livelihood of the service provider, since it allows for both of the parties to stay in touch. It also allows for professionals to help their businesses to flourish and keep it alive. Due to this fact, good methods of contact are pretty much crucial these days.

One significant way for businesses to contact their customers is through mailing. Using direct mailing services is a very effective technique used by professionals to expand their efforts. In the G.T.A, Toronto mail is one way that a business strives to keep people connected, for example. Although this is without a doubt a great way to stay in contact, there are also a few road bumps that a business can run into when they are attempting in keep the communication in flow. If you have ever had problems getting mail out to your clients and customer base, then you probably know how much of a hassle that it can be when you are pressed to get your message out in a hurry.

Due to the many issues that can arise from trying to keep up with contacting a high quantity of people, using Corporate Mailing to help you along may in fact be a very good idea to consider. From sheer volume and workload, extra costs, low resources, to time limits and impossible deadlines that have you in a bind, it can be that much more difficult to get your mailings out quick and efficiently. Many people may not know that they can have a direct mailing done for them. Despite any potential problems, you will be happy to know that there is a great solution that you can have in place working for you. Corporate Mailing will help you to keep things in check while you run your business, among doing a hundred other things at the same time, which is where this comes into place.

Corporate Mailing is the choice that many businesses and professionals have made a priority when trying to find a solution to their needs. Many people do not know about the option of direct mailings, but it can definitely help them with a lot of important aspects of their business communication efforts. It does not matter if the business happens to be a part of a large nationwide chain, or if it is a small, local mom and pop store and anything in between, nearly every and all types of establishments can benefit from having a Corporate Mailing to help them out.

Some of the advantages of implementing this into your business needs can include; saving your company time, cutting down on costs and saving you even more money. With a direct mailing services, you can also reserve more resources, effort and energy towards other more important tasks that may need your attention. You may be surprised to find that all of the great benefits can easily attained by taking a few easy steps! If you need an easier way to keep the connection alive with consumers, then Corporate Mailing may well be the answer that you have been looking for.


Author: admin
• Tuesday, July 26th, 2011


With businesses going global and crossing international waters, modern companies are wiser – keeping lean and mean.  Many new companies keep their headquarters lean with minimum staffing, outsourcing various jobs and hiring key people only for the jobs that would contribute to the bottom-line. They are mean in that they concentrate on the most important aspects: conceptualizing, creating and making decisions.

This is why they collaborate with Corporate Mailing to take care of mailing services, printing services, compiling their mailing list, direct mailing, international mailing, and other related services. Corporate Mailing is a specialist in this field; they are consistent, dedicated and dependable.

Imagine a highly talented creative staff working on designs for days on end, and then wasting their precious talent printing out the finally approved mass brochures or print ads and mailing them out to hundreds or thousands of people. Creative people should spend their talent conceptualizing and making more money for the firm, or producing fantastic things and ideas to strengthen the firm’s position in the global marketplace.

Corporate Mailing works closely with clients. They offer unsurpassed personalized service. The needs of the business are uncovered and they supply the right printing and mailing solutions, so that marketing goals are met and even surpassed. Creative companies, manufacturing firms sending brochures of new products, trading firms sending out catalogues and other marketing companies should trust their bulk work to a reputable and specialized company like Corporate Mailing.

It is hard to rely on new people to do even the most mechanical job. It takes a while and some training to get used to even simple jobs, and then this person gets reassigned and the cycle of training goes on. Time is money! Corporate Mailing has been in the business for many years; and they have perfected their system for whatever size and duration of a printing and mailing project. Efficiency, speed, reliability, high quality and integrity are just some of the characteristics they offer to corporate clients. And because the projects are bulk projects, they can do it at a lower cost saving the client’s valuable manpower hours if they undertake it themselves.

Corporate Mailing has a wide range of services, including local mail house services or international services through direct mailing or online. Being in the business for many years, they have the infrastructure and the highly trained team in place for any request. The Corporate Mailing job is guaranteed to be done efficiently and quickly.

Corporate Mailing offers complete data services, with access to the National Change of Address database for mailing accuracy. They can deliver documents using the latest inkjet technology or clients can choose variable data printing, with customized text and/or inline labeling.  Catalogues can get imprinted up to 1 ¼” to suit the clients specifications. They can do polybagging, automated clip sealing or oversize mechanical inserting. You can rely on Corporate Mailing to do the pressure sensitive labeling in large volumes resulting in great savings for your company. Postage stamp affixing the Corporate Mailing way is automated and can be done quickly even in large volumes.

Trust Corporate Mailing Services for your packaging and kit assembly, rely on them to get your ad mails out on time and reach its destination locally and internationally, enabling you to concentrate on the creative and productive side of the business.





Corporate Mailing Services