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Author: admin
• Tuesday, February 11th, 2014


No matter the type of business you own, you will certainly  receive mail. Letters, merchandise, invoices, payments, bills,  and much more are sent from and delivered to businesses all  around the globe. While sending and receiving mail may  appear simple, this may not be the case for businesses  especially those that receive a lot of mails annually. This is  why there is the need of businesses to hire mail  service providers, just to reduce the work load that is  associated with handling bulk mails and allow you to use  your time to grow your business.


Mail services being provided to a business are usually being offered by a company or an individual who is good at providing a sensible connection between businesses and their customers. There are numerous features that could be incorporated in a mailing package. These features will solely depend on the company or individual who is providing the mail service. Though the features being offered in numerous packages may vary, there are a few features that are common in all the mail service packages.

Professional mail services will provide your business a new  mailing address. In most cases, this new business address is  usually in the same city where the mail services are being  availed. Having a new business address is the best way to  give your business a new and professional look. One thing  you should know is that having a business address in a well-  known city like Toronto is better than in small city that not  many people may have heard of. Many businesses opt to  have their new addresses in cities like Toronto, Ottawa or  Vancouver so that their  businesses could appear glamorous.  Also if you work from  home, having a new business address will allow you to work without the fear that some strangers may know your home address. It also gives your business a professional look despite the fact that you work from home.

When a business has a new mailing address, the mail will be received at that address. And this mail will need to find its way to your physical address. This is only possible with mail forwarding. Of all the mail services offered by mailing companies, mail forwarding is the most popular and vital to any business. When your mail is received in your new business mailing address, your mail service provider will forward it to your physical business or home address. Mail forwarding can be carried out all year round. But, you can also use it on special circumstances. With mail forwarding your important mails will be forwarded to your physical address as soon as they are received by your mailing company.

You can also use this new business address to send mails. This can be achieved by mailing your mail service provider from your physical address and then have them forward it to your client’s address. Business mail is a crucial thing, thus ensure that you hire a professional mailing company to take care of your mailing needs.


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Author: admin
• Friday, October 25th, 2013

In the modern world, email has become very important for businesses, both small and big. From in-house needs to client communication, all sort of communications are currently handled through email. Email offers more than you may think. For instant, with email you can share more information than it is possible with the phone and also there is a permanent record for all the details you will share with anyone. Email is known to be very convenient when you compare them with older forms of communication. However, it has its problems.

One of its main problems is managing it especially businesses that always get mails on a regular basis. Managing business mail on your own is not only tiresome but also very time consuming. You will use a lot of resources and time just to ensure that your mail needs are meant. Managing your own business mails may also be costly since you waste valuable time that could be used in other vital areas of your business. It is also costly in the sense that you will use a lot of resources just to ensure that your mail service is not crippled at any moment.

If you want to save time and money then it is best to you outsource your mail services to an individual or company that specializes in such services. A mail service provider will assist you in managing your mail needs while you concentrate in a more important role of running your business. There are several vital things you need to consider when selecting a mailing company:


In any business, there are a lot of threats to the security of your mail communications. With a good mailing company such threats will be the least of your worries. This company will offer you a private IP address thus your mail communications will never be breached even once.

Central Location

While email has become very vital and incredibly convenient, it can also be very inconvenient. For example if you are looking for a specific mail among thousands of mails on different computers, you may take forever to locate the mail that you are looking for. But, with a central storage location, all emails are archived in a central storage area. This allows you to find whatever you are looking for fast and without any hassles.

Search Features

Another thing that you need to consider is the search tools that the mailing company has on offer. Is their search simple? Does it cover the whole data? These are just some of the questions you need to answer. Having an archive of emails in a central location is not sufficient enough. If the mail service provider does not have advanced search tools then you will enjoy few benefits.


Any mail service provider with superb management skills can be an excellent choice. However you should also take their employees into consideration. Always go with a mailing company that uses certified IT professionals to manage your mail account, to ensure the best accessibility, security and stability to your email archive at all times.


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Author: admin
• Tuesday, August 27th, 2013


Direct Mailing Services remains one of the cost-effective tools used by businesses to communicate with their target audience. It is one of the motivators and internal influencers to make prospective customers inquire about the business. Direct mailing also makes it possible to reach customers and prospects directly at relatively low cost compared to the possible return on investment.

Direct mailing is targeted messages directly delivered to the intended audience. Corporate Mailing Services offers a wide range of services for businesses in the Greater Toronto Area with the convenience of a one-stop shop mailing services. These services include inkjet imprinting using the latest inkjet technology, complete data services, variable data imprinting, polybagging, automated clip sealing, automated postage stamp affixing, packaging and kit assembly, unadressed admail, inline labeling, imprinting on catalogue, mechanical inserting, pressure-sensitive labeling and mechanical inserting.

Corporate Mailing Services can process various types of mail, flyers, brochures and newsletters to reach the hands of the intended consumers by updating data with the National Change of Address for improved mailing accuracy. Your advertising and marketing materials can be folded professionally, inserted into small or large envelopes, sealed and affixed with postage stamps. You do not have to rely on your regular staff who can be assigned to more productive work. The people at Corporate Mailing Services are fully trained and highly experienced, so they can perform these tasks more efficiently and in a much shorter time frame.

The infrastructure of Corporate Mailing Services and its experienced team helps in ensuring that your direct mailing requirements are handled in an efficient and timely manner. They also help cleanse your address list to save you money on undeliverable mail. If you are sending regular newsletters, Corporate Mailing Services can be trusted to get it folded, packaged and stamped in no time at all.

Flyers that announce events and special offers are oftentimes used by Toronto businesses to reach customers. They are a great promotional tool that must be delivered on time because they are usually time sensitive. This means that if they get to the intended audience after the date of the event, then they are of no use, especially if there are coupons with expiration dates.  So, they must be handled swiftly by a reputable direct mailing company.

Brochures are also effective marketing and informational materials that are effective when sent through direct mailing services. Brochures, whether black and white or full-color for more visual appeal will give customers information about the products your carry and the services you offer, with complete information on contact numbers, email addresses and store hours.

Whatever means you decide to promote and market your business, you will need to reach a wide range of people.  This can be accomplished through the internet, but like a shotgun, the hits will be scattered and might not be what you are looking for.  If your business is operating in a small locality like the Greater Toronto Area or parts of the United States, direct mailing is still the most effective way of reaching your target customers.



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Author: admin
• Friday, February 01st, 2013

In every business, making profits is the main goal and saving some money is an added advantage. What if you can get high quality services at cheap rates? If you live in Toronto and own a business, you should spend more time managing your business while corporate mailing handles all your printing and mailing services. Direct mail and printing have been ranked among the most cost effective advertising methods in any business. When it comes to printing, nobody does it better in Toronto than corporate mailing. Experience is a requirement in any field in order to prosper, corporate mailing has over 15 years experience in Toronto.

15 Years means that most of the staff has known various problems that are likely to come up during printing or handling mail, therefore very careful with a client’s request.  They say cheap is expensive, but I believe with the right technology and policies in place, corporate mailing has been able to offer cheap services and deliver high quality within a short period of time. Some services that corporate mailing is proud to provide include the following.

If you are a business owner and need bulky mail to be sent in the USA, then you should sit back and call corporate mailing to handle that. In fact, the project is effectively executed within a short time by the skilled team at corporate mailing. Pressure sensitive labeling is another service provided for clients with large volumes of mail. If you need automated clip sealing, you can get the best service at corporate mailing. Kit assembly and packaging is another service that clients request regularly. Inkjet imprinting is another service provided at corporate mailing using the latest inkjet technology.

Toronto mail is something that corporate mailing company has specialized in. Having worked for over 15 years with consistent clients, this shows that clients trust the services provided by corporate mailing. Some of the areas where clients point out as excellent include, speedy and efficient services, cheap and high quality services as well as good customer care. There are many specials offered to clients who approach corporate mailing. When sending bulk mail, you get a chance to enjoy discounts and still have your mails delivered quickly.

Some services can be offered in one package so that the price is reduced. For example if you have printing and mailing services such as direct mail, you are in a better position to get a discount than a person who is paying for only one service.  The majority of the clients that visit corporate mailing are repeat clients. This is one sign that he clients are satisfied and would like to get more services. The staff at corporate mailing is highly skilled and serves each client with integrity. What’s more, clients are served according to their personal needs. Each client is given personal attention so that his needs are met. If you own a business and would like any services such as direct mail, printing or letter services in Toronto and its neighbors, please don’t hesitate to contact corporate mailing.


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Author: admin
• Wednesday, October 31st, 2012


Computerization and automation of most tasks done within companies has been adopted in all markets. This has seen the reduction in paper use which is considered economical in terms of saving on cost. There is some information that still has to be relayed through mails. This implies that it may be possible to reduce the number of physical mails but they cannot be done away with completely.

Traditional letter writing has been overtaken by the more preferred method of electronic mail commonly referred to as email. This has subsequently reduced the number of physical mails received and sent by individuals and companies. One reason that still requires a firm to use direct mailing of letters is when the correspondence consists of details or information that cannot be translated into a soft copy usable in a computer.

Items such as cards and parcels are just but a few of the items that have to be mailed in order for them to reach the desired destination. This is usually a simple process especially if it comes from a single person. The number of clients that an organization has determines whether they should outsource mailing service or not. A huge number of clients may require more efforts in mailing which without the right equipment can be time consuming.

Letting the professionals handle the picking and delivery of mails gives a company the assurance that the clients will receive them on time and in the right condition.

These organizations deal with the delivery and picking of mails on behalf of their clients. With the instructions from the client and provision of all the necessary details the service provider ensures that the mails reach the intended people. Some firms perform personal deliveries in the respective areas. This though is only possible for those residing in the areas near the mailing firm. It is also applicable for firms which have several braches in various towns, cities, states or even countries.

In sourcing these services a firm seeks to address the time period that is normally taken before the mail reaches the targeted person. If not taken care of the delay in delivery can affect the slowing down of a procedure that may be dependent on the correspondence.

For the firms with clients stretching all over the world they rely entirely on the services offered by the postal offices in the respective countries. They are the custodians of the physical address boxes which are available as rentals. They receive the mail on behalf of their clients and place it in their personal boxes which are accessible by the owner. In replying the sender again has to use their services in order to mail the correspondence to the intended respondent.

It is important for a person to give accurate details regarding the mailing address since this is the only way that the delivery can be made correctly. Incase of any changes it is advisable to give prior notice to ensure that no Toronto mail or any other going to another destination does not fail to reach its rightful owner.


Author: admin
• Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Toronto (06/07/2012) – Toronto mailing services has been upgraded due to the innovation of intelligent inserting spearheaded by Corporate Mailing services. Mailing services will never be the same due to the advancement in technology used in such operation. Companies everywhere will see the immediate effects of innovative improvements in machine operated mailing insertions used in mailing companies. Corporate Mailing services has forever changed the level of Toronto mailing services and upgraded it forward into the future.

One of the most important industries today is mailing companies. These companies are devoted to providing mailing services for companies that needed their services.  Earlier machines have been developed before to be of assistance to mailing companies. Before folding and inserting mail are done by hand which was tiresome and significantly time consuming, but with the use of the machines, the work has been made easier. Today, new innovations in technological designs made these insertion machines smarter and more intelligent.

These services are needed by many direct mailing companies, especially with many important factors to consider. One is privacy; some mails require the utmost privacy, especially when mails are of a financial, medical or legal in nature. Intelligent inserting technology is very important in such transactions which can be a problem if not catered properly.

With the new improvement in Toronto mail service, residents in the said area will enjoy a better service and will expect for the best. These companies will provide you the services you need, from printing or online printing, direct mail services, mailing list services; they are the answer for all of these problems. With their help, mailing for your company will never be a hassle anymore. Expert professionals in such an industry will their best to provide the most reliable service and will always give importance to you and your company.

Mails are one of the most used forms of communication to date. Even with the advent of the internet and the expansive communication services available, mails are still used by people everywhere. The aura of a mail delivered to your house has such an impact that many still use this antiquated form of communication even today. Mails coming from companies always have an aura of importance; whether it is an official letter to you or just plain old advertisement, mails are still one of the most important forms of communication today.

With the advent of this new innovation in mailing services, who know what will come next. The future of mailing services has a brighter outlook, even in the midst of the growing efficiency of the internet and in electronic mails. But one this is sure, the mailing systems everywhere will not disappear overnight. The time honored importance of mails in our social life has been so ingrained in our subconscious that it will be very hard to change. Mails are still one of the most important forms of communication, even in the midst of the ever growing importance of the internet; mails will be mails, even in the many years to come.


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Author: admin
• Tuesday, May 08th, 2012


If you have a business that will benefit from direct mail marketing, mail service Toronto can help you with special mailing projects.  Toronto mail house services understand tight deadlines and know that the success of the marketing campaign depends on prompt delivery of your business mailing.


Expect to receive superior service, dedication and expertise with mail service Toronto.  We provide service that is responsive to the needs of our clients and provide flexible arrangements according to the requirements of the project.  Just let us know your timeline so that we will be able to deliver the results you need while keeping the costs low and competitive within the industry. We understand how errors can be costly, so we adhere to strict quality control measures in every stage of the business mailing process. Our long experience as one of the foremost Toronto mailing companies servicing the financial, commercial, communication, non-profit and educational sectors makes us the ideal choice for your mail services.

Taking care of your business mailing needs can be time consuming and may take valuable hours which your talented personnel can devote to more creative and income generating tasks. Even the most innovative and intelligent workers may take time to master or get used to mechanical tasks needing special skills. Personnel in a mailing house are devoted solely to these tasks, so they have the expertise to do the job quickly and efficiently.  Mailing companies can afford to train their workers because the workers are expected to stay on their job permanently. Mailing companies expect a lot of clients for the same job, oftentimes as many as 10,000 addresses per mailing task so they develop the capability and dedication to perform these huge tasks.

A diverse company cannot afford extensive training for tasks that they may do only every quarter or periodically. Hiring temporary workers is not a good option because they will most probably be unskilled and needed to be trained. Brochures and newsletters need special handling.  Processing of the mailing list needs due diligence because batch errors may prove to be costly for a marketing-oriented company. Our toronto Mail house Service is confident that we can process your mailing needs at a very affordable price.  We understand the need of small business to reach as many people as possible at the lowest cost.

We can provide the direct mail service Toronto businesses need in catalog preparation and mailing, periodicals and newsletters, folding of brochures, collating and sorting, distribution and all other types of mailing services. Also provided are various services and assistance direct mailing companies need in marketing campaigns and various promotional projects.  We undertake insertion and labeling of business envelopes, mail merge and printing of labels, folding and mailing of brochures, collating and preparation of materials for conferences, packaging of catalogues, shrink wrapping, envelope inserting, addressing/printing of business envelopes, affixing of mail labels, postage metering or stamp affixing.

We have made a name for quality service, fast turnaround, excellent customer service and knowledgeable handling of requests.  The provision of mail service Toronto businesses need is our business, so we make sure our clients get their money’s worth in careful mail preparation, postage optimization, use of the latest technologies, automated processes, and flexible options with professional advice and consultation.  Our expertise is top customer services which maximizes the clients’ Return on Investment through accurate and speedy mailing companies in Toronto and the G.T.A need.


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Author: admin
• Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Whatever the size or service of your business, the direct mailing needs of your company can take a big bite out of your operating budget and cause a lot of hassle.  Anyone who has spent the drudging hours of sorting mass mailings by zip code for bulk mailings, hauling bins of mailers to the post office, and dealing with the lines and irritations of the business mailing process will gladly welcome the news that mailing could be handled for you with a simple and cost-effective business service.  Put a band-aid on that final paper cut, and log on to the website to see how our Toronto letter and mailing services can manage all your mailing needs, from the data services and printing to the mailing itself.  You won’t even have to handle the paper anymore.

Whatever the type of mailing you’re sending out, you can send the design files digitally to the friendly team at Corporate Mailing Services, and they’ll put their high-tech inkjet printers to work creating the mailer to your exact specifications, including inline labeling on the items themselves, utilizing your database of addresses.  If you’re sending unaddressed advertising ad mail, our direct mailing services is set up to process it; if you’re dealing with a database of addresses, the mailing service will leverage the National Change of Address database to ensure your list is completely updated and you’re not wasting funds with miss-mailed items.

Does your mailer require poly bagging, labeling, packaging, or inserts?  Corporate Mailing Services takes care of all these elements, affixes the postage stamps to large volume mailings, and sorts the mailers for domestic or international mailing.  All these elements are handled quickly and cost-effectively, and your company’s meeting rooms will never have to be buried again in stacks of mailers in the process of being folded, labeled, stamped, addressed, and bundled.

With two decades of successful collaboration with its clients (some of whom have loyally used the same service for its full twenty years of business); our professional Toronto letter and direct mailing Services enjoy a stellar track record of customer satisfaction.  Some business owners mistakenly believe that handling mailings in-house will be a money-saver, but these owners have often failed to take into account the costs of paper and printing, postage, and enormous investments of employee time required to process a large mailing.  Once the true costs of the do-it-yourself approach have been tallied and totaled up, there’s no contest.  Corporate Mailing Services is not only a service that will save you headaches in-house and put out a consistently high quality product on your behalf; it’s also the most cost effective way to approach the direct mailing, online printing, Toronto letter and mail needs of your company.

The company’s website includes an interactive form which allows you to outline the needs of a particular project and request a price quote and bid on that project.  As you’re looking into the Corporate Mailing Services as a solution to your mailing and direct mailing issues, check out our blog reaching out to clients with business ideas, deals, offers, news, and information.


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Author: admin
• Monday, September 26th, 2011

Print, Mail, Exhale

Among one of the most important things that a business is known for is communication. This can be the difference between a success or failure in the life of an establishment.

Communication between a business and it clients is literally the livelihood of the service provider, since it allows for both of the parties to stay in touch. It also allows for professionals to help their businesses to flourish and keep it alive. Due to this fact, good methods of contact are pretty much crucial these days.

One significant way for businesses to contact their customers is through mailing. Using direct mailing services is a very effective technique used by professionals to expand their efforts. In the G.T.A, Toronto mail is one way that a business strives to keep people connected, for example. Although this is without a doubt a great way to stay in contact, there are also a few road bumps that a business can run into when they are attempting in keep the communication in flow. If you have ever had problems getting mail out to your clients and customer base, then you probably know how much of a hassle that it can be when you are pressed to get your message out in a hurry.

Due to the many issues that can arise from trying to keep up with contacting a high quantity of people, using Corporate Mailing to help you along may in fact be a very good idea to consider. From sheer volume and workload, extra costs, low resources, to time limits and impossible deadlines that have you in a bind, it can be that much more difficult to get your mailings out quick and efficiently. Many people may not know that they can have a direct mailing done for them. Despite any potential problems, you will be happy to know that there is a great solution that you can have in place working for you. Corporate Mailing will help you to keep things in check while you run your business, among doing a hundred other things at the same time, which is where this comes into place.

Corporate Mailing is the choice that many businesses and professionals have made a priority when trying to find a solution to their needs. Many people do not know about the option of direct mailings, but it can definitely help them with a lot of important aspects of their business communication efforts. It does not matter if the business happens to be a part of a large nationwide chain, or if it is a small, local mom and pop store and anything in between, nearly every and all types of establishments can benefit from having a Corporate Mailing to help them out.

Some of the advantages of implementing this into your business needs can include; saving your company time, cutting down on costs and saving you even more money. With a direct mailing services, you can also reserve more resources, effort and energy towards other more important tasks that may need your attention. You may be surprised to find that all of the great benefits can easily attained by taking a few easy steps! If you need an easier way to keep the connection alive with consumers, then Corporate Mailing may well be the answer that you have been looking for.


Author: admin
• Tuesday, July 26th, 2011


With businesses going global and crossing international waters, modern companies are wiser – keeping lean and mean.  Many new companies keep their headquarters lean with minimum staffing, outsourcing various jobs and hiring key people only for the jobs that would contribute to the bottom-line. They are mean in that they concentrate on the most important aspects: conceptualizing, creating and making decisions.

This is why they collaborate with Corporate Mailing to take care of mailing services, printing services, compiling their mailing list, direct mailing, international mailing, and other related services. Corporate Mailing is a specialist in this field; they are consistent, dedicated and dependable.

Imagine a highly talented creative staff working on designs for days on end, and then wasting their precious talent printing out the finally approved mass brochures or print ads and mailing them out to hundreds or thousands of people. Creative people should spend their talent conceptualizing and making more money for the firm, or producing fantastic things and ideas to strengthen the firm’s position in the global marketplace.

Corporate Mailing works closely with clients. They offer unsurpassed personalized service. The needs of the business are uncovered and they supply the right printing and mailing solutions, so that marketing goals are met and even surpassed. Creative companies, manufacturing firms sending brochures of new products, trading firms sending out catalogues and other marketing companies should trust their bulk work to a reputable and specialized company like Corporate Mailing.

It is hard to rely on new people to do even the most mechanical job. It takes a while and some training to get used to even simple jobs, and then this person gets reassigned and the cycle of training goes on. Time is money! Corporate Mailing has been in the business for many years; and they have perfected their system for whatever size and duration of a printing and mailing project. Efficiency, speed, reliability, high quality and integrity are just some of the characteristics they offer to corporate clients. And because the projects are bulk projects, they can do it at a lower cost saving the client’s valuable manpower hours if they undertake it themselves.

Corporate Mailing has a wide range of services, including local mail house services or international services through direct mailing or online. Being in the business for many years, they have the infrastructure and the highly trained team in place for any request. The Corporate Mailing job is guaranteed to be done efficiently and quickly.

Corporate Mailing offers complete data services, with access to the National Change of Address database for mailing accuracy. They can deliver documents using the latest inkjet technology or clients can choose variable data printing, with customized text and/or inline labeling.  Catalogues can get imprinted up to 1 ¼” to suit the clients specifications. They can do polybagging, automated clip sealing or oversize mechanical inserting. You can rely on Corporate Mailing to do the pressure sensitive labeling in large volumes resulting in great savings for your company. Postage stamp affixing the Corporate Mailing way is automated and can be done quickly even in large volumes.

Trust Corporate Mailing Services for your packaging and kit assembly, rely on them to get your ad mails out on time and reach its destination locally and internationally, enabling you to concentrate on the creative and productive side of the business.





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